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The Next Generation Design of Kids’ Bikes

Kidvelo – specialist brand of premium lightweight kids balance bikes sold directly to the customer.

The Rookie 12″ balance bike weighs just 2.93 kg. Lightest in its class amongst the top brands.

Trust Kidvelo Bikes to give your child, the best possible start to their cycling journey. We take this responsibility seriously!

  • Dad showing boy how to ride a toddler bike safely.


    We designed this next generation of kids with the rider’s safety in mind.

    From its super-lightweight all alloy frame (Rookie12 = 2.93kgs) to the all-terrain air tyres for a smoother, quieter ride, right up to the child-specific grips offering comfort and minimise slippage. The NextGen Rookie range of kids’ no-pedal and pedal bikes has been designed from the ground up to be as safe as possible. We test all our paint regularly to ensure its safe, follow and exceed all safety requirements and back this up with a lifetime warranty.

  • Rookie 12 first bike


    Kidvelo’s signature: Confidence-inspiring low geometry makes learning to ride fun.

    Our Rookie kids balance bike design makes the bike less intimidating, safer and easier to ride. It puts kids in control. With a low stand-over height to help boost confidence, the Rookie geometry has been optimized for growing kid’s bodies. Combined with adjustable components you can dial in the best fit for your child.

  • Dad and two sons having fun with a bike and ball


    Custom kid-specific components for a reliable and comfortable ride.

    In addition to our unique confidence-inspiring low geometry, we’ve carefully selected a complete range of custom child-specific components, which are tailored to each size bike. This ranges from, lightweight handlebars with non-slip grips, footrests in the correct position down to sealed bearing bottom brackets. Because kids love to ride through mud, we built our Kidvelo bottom brackets to keep the dirt out. The headset and hubs also feature durable, maintenance-free, silky smooth bearings. It’s built kid tough.

  • Designed to be Lightweight


    Less Weight, makes a Better Rider = More Fun

    Weight is one of the most critical factors in a child’s success and enjoyment in learning to ride. Our bikes weigh 30% less than most children’s bikes. Our featherweight alloy goes into both our frames and forks, which not only shaves weight off the bike but also improves overall handling without sacrificing strength. While most kid’s bikes, don’t like to display their bike weights actively, we at Kidvelo, design our bikes around being ultra-lightweight as a standard design feature. For instance, our Rookie 12 only weighs 2.93kgs so performance is built into our DNA. We specify every angle, weight, height and complete geometry for your peace of mind. Nothing hidden!

Green Rookie 12 Balance Bike

ROOKIE 12 (18-months-plus)

Alloy frame designed to be the lightest in its class, perfect handling with premium quality components.

  • Age Range: 18months +
  • Seat Height: 30cm – 44cm
  • Ability Level: Learning to Balance
  • Balance Bike Weight: 2.93 Kg
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink
  • Introductory offer: Save 15% 
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Rookie 14 Balance Bike that you can add Pedals to

ROOKIE 14 (3-5 years approx)

This revolutionary bike starts in balance mode and then converts to a child’s first pedal bike. Pedal Kit included

  • Age Range: 3 Years +
  • Seat Height: 40cm – 55cm
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride
  • Balance Bike Weight: 4.76 Kgs
  • Pedal Bike Weight: 6.23 Kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink
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Rookie 18 Balance Bike that converts to a Pedal Bike

ROOKIE 18 (4-8 years approx)

This larger bike converts from balance mode to a child’s first pedal bike with the included add-on pedal kit, once your child is ready.

  • Age Range: 4 years +
  • Seat Height: 48cm – 65cm
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride!
  • Balance Bike Weight: 6 Kgs
  • Pedal Bike Weight: 7.3 Kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink
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We design kids bikes to give young riders the most boundless possible riding experience. No stabilisers are ever required. Our bicycles are crafted so kids feel that their rig was made just for them. Perfect geometry, correct sizing and robust, they will last for years.

Kidvelo was formed by two family businesses, formerly childrens’ bike distributors in their respective countries of Australia and the UK, before deciding we wanted to do things better. Use better quality components, our own well-considered design, and continue offering excellent advice for parents, taking into account all the lessons we have learned. A wealth of knowledge and experience went into bike design.

Whether you are looking to buy a First bike for a 1-year-old such as the Rookie 12″  or a larger for older childs bike you can add pedals to, Kidvelo’s premium bike range has you covered.

Kidvelo Bike in Leamington Spa, UK

Who Are Kidvelo?

We started as retailers, then became exclusive distributors for another brand.

Having taught thousands of children how to ride a bike we stepped up to put all that knowledge to use.

Designing and manufacturing our own range of children’s bikes.

Trust in our combined 40 years of experience in the kid’s bike industry.

About Us
Two 12" balance bikes

What is a Balance Bike?

Simply, a bicycle without pedals, brakes or anything complicated, that teaches balance and children how to ride a bike, the fun way.

With no pedals, nothing to confuse, the little one simply grasps the bars, straddles the bike, and then starts walking them along.

Soon they learn to sit on the seat and propel the bike along using their feet and start learning balance intuitively.


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daughter learning to ride a push toy in the park

Useful tips to know Day 1

This guide covers hints and tips to get you through the first few days.

Once you have unboxed and assembled, these ideas will help your child get the most out of their new sets of wheels.

We have shared our expertise gained from 10 years of hosting races and instructing.


What to do Day 1

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A Kidvelo balance bike UK is the revolutionary next-generation design that helps children as young as 18 months of age learn to ride a bike on two wheels.

“Within a week Matty had mastered the bike – lifting up both feet and balancing. Now he is almost two and loves riding at the BMX track and skate park with his big brother Riley. It has given Matty so much more independence as he is able to ride anywhere and anywhere without being hindered by stabilisers.”

Our simple, no-pedal design (also called strider bikes, running bikes, no-pedal bikes, toddler bike) builds confidence and eliminates fear by allowing kids to have their feet on the ground and progress at their own pace. Our unique design, featuring a low center of gravity, teaches young children to balance on two wheels right from the start, avoiding developmental delays typical with tricycles, push toys and bikes with stabilisers.

For older children aged 3 years plus, arriving in 2022, are the convertible bikes, that you can add or remove the pedal kit and convert to a superlight quality bike. Affordable when compared to the top brands but equal in weight and quality. With one major advantage: they work effortlessly in balance or pedal mode and will help your child make the transition to pedals a breeze.

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