Please find our videos on how to assemble a Kidvelo Bike. If you wish to learn how to fine-tune components on the bike for optimum riding performance, our How to Guides will be of use.

We have also written a simple guide on how to maintain your Kidvelo to help you.

Diagram showing the location of the front wheel bolts

Useful Information – Assembling your Rookie 14 | Rookie 18 | Balance Bikes

Front Wheel Bolts.

  • The bolts for the front wheel are already in place. Just loosen them, then place the wheel into the forks, and retighten..
Picture showing how the pedal-kit fits so the chain is not short

Fitting the Pedal-kit to your Rookie 14 | Rookie 18

  • Be mindful when fitting the pedal-kit, that you bolt it on, the correct way up. If you mistakenly bolt it on upside down, the chain will appear too short, and the bike is not rideable.
Assembly guide rookie 12

Assembly Manual for Kidvelo Rookie 12

View or Download the Rookie 12 Assembly Instruction Guide or Contact us if you require help.

Rookie 18 Pink Balance Bike with Pedal

Assembly Manual for the Rookie 14 or Rookie 18 Bike

View or Download the latest version of the assembly manual for the Rookie 14. Please contact us if you require further help.

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