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    Bikes for schools

Balance Bikes for schools

Does your school offer bikeability programmes and have children that have never learned to ride a bike so can’t join in? We can help get kids in Early Years settings and Key Stage 1, onto two wheels without needing stabilisers so that they can participate later on. Perhaps you are a cycling instructor looking for reliable bikes to use in private lessons? Whatever your situation get in contact with us.

Learning Early Ltd (the owners of the Kidvelo here in the UK) have years of experience delivering and supporting teachers using balance bikes used in schools.

Good range of adjustability is required!

You need the school’s bikes to be easily adjustable to fit as many children as possible. It is essential when working to a constricted budget, that they are easy to maintain and work as a tool for you to teach children to ride.

Our balance bike range covers many school year groups.

Our balance bikes for schools range will cover from 18 months old through to 8 years. Bigger bikes are in the pipeline as we know many children can’t ride before being asked to participate in Balanceability lessons.

We have a 12″ balance bike (in stock) and the new Convertible Balance to Pedal Bikes in either a 14″ or an 18″ wheel size arriving Spring 2022.

Easy to assemble, store and maintain

The bikes are designed to be easy to transport and store. Kidvelo 12″ Balance Bikes will fold flat, as we don’t use steering limiters, so you can stack them in the back of a van or a cupboard in school with ease.

All Balance Bikes, including the bikes you can add pedals to, come with a Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on frame and fork, and we carry all spares to make them easy to maintain.

Discounts for schools available

Schools, pre-schools and nurseries as well as cycling instructors are given a discount to enable an affordable purchase. We will accept purchase orders and payment terms can be agreed upon on in advance, for qualifying organisations, charities and registered cycling instructors.

If you would like to know when the balance bikes you can add pedals too, are available, please sign up for our mailing list. 

Green Rookie 12 Balance Bike


Kidvelo lightweight balance bikes are the best balance bikes for schools with nurseries, pre-schools and for Reception classes.

  • School Age: 18months + to Reception Class
  • Seat Height: 30cm – 44cm
  • Ability Level: Learning to Balance
  • Balance Bike Weight: 2.93 Kgs
  • Pedal Bike – Pedals can’t be fitted
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink
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Rookie 14 Balance Bike that you can add Pedals to


This revolutionary balance bike starts in balance mode and then converts to a child’s first pedal bike. Pedal Kit included

  • School Age: 3 Years + up to Year 1
  • Seat Height: 40cm – 55cm
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride
  • Balance Bike Weight: 4.76 Kgs
  • Pedal Bike Weight: 6.23 Kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink
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Rookie 18 Balance Bike that converts to a Pedal Bike


This larger bike converts from balance mode to a child’s first pedal bike with the add-on pedal kit, once your child is ready.

  • School Year: 4 years + Year 3
  • Seat Height: 48cm – 65cm
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride!
  • Balance Bike Weight: 6 Kgs
  • Pedal Bike Weight: 7.3 Kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink
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  • Rookie 18 Crank Arms

    The Rookie 14″ and 18″ Balance Bikes that convert to pedal bikes is perfect for teaching kids to ride a bike. One bike that can be used in two modes, either balance or pedal, that works effortlessly in either.

    Bikes convert by adding our pedal kit using only allen keys. They are easy to remove too, between classes. You can buy one bike and help children with no balance or children that are already pedaling.

    The 14 ” is only 4.76 Kg in balance mode and only 6.23 kg in pedal mode. Designed for 3-years-old +

    The 18″ is only 6.04 kg in balance mode and only 7.38 kg in pedal bike. Designed for 4-years-old +

    Super light & Strong 6061 heat-treated aluminum alloy frame and the forks are Aluminum alloy blades with Chromoly steerer tube.

  • Bike showing seat height adjusts

    The Rookie 12″ Balance Bike is the perfect choice for those aged 18-months-old upwards.

    Superlight at 2.93kg, Confidence inspiring geometry of the alloy frame, fork and components, these are built kid tough. They make the perfect balance bikes for pre-schools, nurseries and for anyone teaching toddlers to ride a bike.

    The saddle has an adjustability range from 30cm to 44cm. Our position of a higher set handlebar is a much better design for this age group.

  • Lifetime warranty on a Kidvelo Balance Bike

    All Balance Bikes are covered by a lifetime warranty on forks and frames for your peace of mind.

    They are easy to assemble and store.

Get in touch below, for more details.

Please tell us your requirements and which organisation you represent. We discount bikes to schools, nursery and qualified cycling instructors.

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