Kidvelo Bike Maintenance

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A guide for parents to keep your Kidvelo Kids Bike in top condition.

Bikes are mechanical vehicles and, as such, need maintenance. The good news is that all Kidvelo frames and forks are covered with our lifetime warranty, but there are steps you can take to ensure components last the miles. Our simple guide will help you get the most out of your bike so it stands the test of time. If you are a keen rider and already maintain your bikes, apply the same care and attention to sprockets, chains and bolts to ensure your child has a good riding experience. For parents that aren’t familiar with bikes, read on!

Basic Maintenance Steps:

Kidvelo Bikes are designed to stand the rigours of use by children. We purposely use familiar technology and build them kid tough. A little bit of regular maintenance will engage your child to show interest, keep everything rolling nicely and ensure the resale value of a Kidvelo remains high.

Wheels and Tyres

  1. Air: Check that you have sufficient air in both tyres. Tyres naturally lose air over time, so squeeze the tyre (from the sides as this gives a better indication) to check it feels firm.  We use a Schrader valve – the same as your car tyres, as they are the easiest to use and pumps are cheap. If you wish to check that you inflate to the exact PSI pressure reading stamped on the tyre, you will need a pump with a pressure gauge.  Remove the dust cap (not found on all Kidvelo’s due to a potential choking hazard for our youngest riders), attach the pump, inflate until it feels firm, and then pop the dust cap back on.
  2. Inspect the tyres for rips, thorns and check the thread.
  3. Regularly check the 2 Wheel Bolts are tight on both front and rear wheels (Picture 1 above)


  1. Check the 4 bolts holding the handlebar stem are tight. (Picture 2 above)
  2. Check the 2 head stem bolts are tight (On the Rookie 12 these are under the neoprene cover) (Picture 3 above)
  3. Make sure the handlebar grips are fully on. We don’t permanently bond our grips, so if they get worn, you can replace them without the expense of replacing the alloy handlebar. However, they can slide a little in use or if the bike is carried by holding the grips. If you wish to prevent this, completely remove the grip, spray a tiny amount of hairspray on the handlebar end and immediately replace the grip. Wipe away any excess spray and you will find this holds the grips in position much better


Brakes – Rookie 14 | Rookie 18

  1.  Check your brakes by squeezing one lever at a time while rolling the bike forward. If your child finds the levers too far away, hard to pull or they need centring, visit our information on how to fine-tune your brakes.
  2. Always ensure your brakes are functioning correctly before every ride

Pedal-Kit – Rookie 14 | Rookie 18

The pedal kit should only be installed when your child is ready. Again, check the assembly guide or make contact if you need advice.

  1. Check the 2 bolts holding the pedal kit to the frame are tight on a regular basis (Picture 4 above)
  2. Check that the chain still feels lubricated. Run your finger over it, and it should feel slightly greasy.
  3. If your finger comes away dry, we suggest using a wet lube to suit the British climate better, and it is harder to wash off when riding through puddles! Put a few drops along the top of the chain while spinning the wheel backwards to ensure you cover the whole chain. Don’t put too much; any excess can be removed by gently holding the chain with a rag and pedalling backwards.
  4. Inspect the chain and ensure it runs smoothly between the front and rear sprockets.

We stock all spares for all models if you need to replace anything.

Washing your Kidvelo bikes

  1. If your child is riding through lots of puddles and dust, washing the bike when it gets dirty and before it drys is a very simple way of preventing problems. Just like your child, dirt is easiest removed before scrubbing is required! Use a soft brush to remove clumps of dirt.
  2. Please don’t use a jet washer. Although our alloy frames can’t rust, a pressure washer can force water where you don’t want it. Spray it down with a hose, or better, let your child! They will enjoy it and learn to start taking care of their treasured bike.
  3. Dry the bike in the sun or wipe it down with a cloth.
  4. Apply lubrication to the chain as in the steps above, if required.
  5. Never store your bike away damp or worse wet, always allow it to completely dry outside first.

Adjusting through growth spurts

Keep an eye on the seat height. As kids grow the seat post clamp will need to be undone, and the position changed. If you are unsure about the correct height for your child, then we can help. Send us a picture of your child sitting on their bike, taken from the side and we can advise. Or just experiment. The idea is when in balance bike mode, the feet are flat on the floor, allowing a slight bend in the knee so the child can walk the bike along.

General - July 13, 2023
Written by Karen Wood

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