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Games to Play On Balance Bikes


Every once in a while we get an email from a concerned parent saying, “We bought our son a balance bike and they are just not interested” or “Our daughter will ride for a couple of minutes, but she doesn’t seem to be getting it”.

There may be many reasons these questions arise, but the leading cause may simply be boredom. By encouraging play on balance bikes with your Kidvelo rider; it becomes more fun for you both and also improves their balance skills. Whether they are just beginning or have mastered balance these suggestions should help motivate your rider to get in the saddle. Also, remember young children have a low patience threshold, so keep riding sessions short and interesting to start and always encourage and don’t show your frustrations.

  • Ride over my foot!

This is a great way to get the youngest riders moving around and can be played anywhere. Keep moving your foot as they get close to running it over, but make sure you let them get you once in a while. Make it even more fun by rolling around on the floor in fake agony! The downside to this game is they may run over random feet when out for a ride.

  • Follow the leader

If you have a playdate with other balance bike riding kids this is an easy way for everyone to have fun. Pick one rider as “the leader”. Encourage the leader to speed up, slow down, ride in circles, and weave around objects. Every couple of minutes yell out the name of the new leader. This was a favourite at my house when riding with my kids. As your Kidvelo rider makes progress, add more advanced skills when you’re the leader: ride off a small curb, pop a wheelie, lead them in a figure of eight, stand up, or encourage them to lift their feet up.

  • Chalk Lines

This is an especially good one for kids hesitant to fully trust their balance skills. Use chalk to draw two lines. The goal is to have both feet off the ground from one line to the next. Start with the lines relatively close to each other. As their balance abilities increase draw the lines further apart. I’ve also used this game to work on more advanced skills eg Use the footpad on the Rookie 12” bike to learn to balance with feet up. Balance is truly being learned in an easy fun way.

  • Red Light, Green Light

In this game, you are the “stoplight”. Stand about 15-20 feet away from your rider(s). When you face away yell, “Green Light”. The kids can ride towards you until you yell, “Red Light” and turn around. The goal is for them to stop before turning around. The first person to touch you wins. The added benefit is that your rider will have it drilled into them to stop when you yell “Red Light” when they get too far ahead of you or you need them to stop!

  • Blast Off! 3..2..1 

Let your child pretend they are an aeroplane when riding! You will be encouraging kids to pick up their feet and build their balance and coordination by coasting. Say “3…2…1 Blast off” when they are riding while encouraging them to run quicker and work up some momentum. When you say “blast off” have your child pick up their feet and coast for as long as they are able.

  • Balance Challenge

Even when not riding bikes, balance can be improved. Try Simon Says and encourage them to freeze when standing on one leg, with feet together or arms out. Every position will improve coordination and skills

  • Bubble wrap!

You would be surprised just how much fun popping bubble wrap is with your bikes! A great activity for the youngest riders.

  • Gliding Competition

See how far you can glide with your feet off the ground. Start by gaining momentum and when they cross a line get them to lift their feet and then mark when they put them back down. If you can do this in the same place regularly your child will be surprised by just how much progress they can make.

  • Scavenger Hunt!

Make up your own list of things to find eg one big and one little pine cone, Find a stick in the shape of a Y, a stone, a twig, a collection of different leaves. This is a great game in a park as it encourages your child to ride and explore.

  • Family Rides with your child

The secret is to ride with your child and Play games on balance bikes. Get out on your bike with your kids…these games may rekindle your own love of 2 wheeled adventure as well. Family adventures on bikes are free. Take a picnic. Look for wildlife. Plenty of drinks and snacks and you have the perfect day out

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  • Kazzi
    6 months ago

    Can't get over the quality of this bike, for the price its phenomenal. All the essential features have been carefully considered and included. I especially like the footrests and reach adjustment the bars and stem enable. Height adjustment is easy and the seat post has measurements too which is really helpful. It's so light a 2-year-old can lift it easily. It was so quick and easy to assemble my 7yo built it with minimal guidance. It's a really good looking bike with good quality robust components. I absolutely love it!

  • Liz Chambers
    5 months ago

    What a fabulous little bike. Bought for my niece as a Christmas present. She is 16 months and absolutely loves it. The bike arrived well packaged, instructions were clear and an absolute bargain for the quality. Thank you so much!

  • Hayley
    4 months ago

    My 3 year old loves his Kidvelo Rookie 12. This is his 1st bike and he's taken to it like a duck to water. He is so confident with it and obviously feels safe. The bike is very fairly priced, it was delivered quickly, its lightweight, easy to put together, and the quality is fantastic. My little one loves the chunky wheels and the bell too. I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone who is looking for their child's first bike.

  • Susan Abbott
    3 months ago

    I have recently purchased the Kidvelo Rookie 12 bike for my 3 year old granddaughter. The first thing to note is the website was very easy to use, delivery was quick and within an advised 1 hour time slot.

    The bike was packaged well and was simple to assemble, completed in under 10 minutes with all the tools required provided in the box. The first thing my granddaughter noticed was how bright the colour was, she loved it. After adjusting the seat height to suit she felt comfortable on the bike and couldn’t wait to get started. We took her to the local park and she where she just understood naturally how to use the bike and required limited guidance. Seeing her on the bike after just a few trips out I believe she will get much enjoyment out of using it and set her up perfectly for moving onto the next step.

  • James Kennedy
    1 month ago

    I don’t normally leave reviews, but I’m so impressed with our recent purchase of a Kidvelo bike that I thought this product was worthy of one. The first thing we noticed was the build quality of the product. It’s well made and really sturdy when put together. The black wheels and tyres look great and my little one loves the bright pink colour! I only wish I’d have known about this bike sooner as I would have bought one for my son, who seems to enjoy going on his little sisters bike more than his own! Thanks to all at Kidvelo for making a little girl really happy!

  • Ellie Gentleman
    1 month ago

    Highly recommended Kidvelo Bikes Uk.
    We have the Rookie12 for our little boy. The bike feels super sturdy but lightweight for me to carry around where ever we are going! Super easy to put together my little man even got involved helping me put it together.
    My little one likes the extra features of the foot rest for going down little hills this also really helps with his balance for when he’s ready for the next size bike up.
    As a parent all the extra features with the handle bars and seat as they grow with him so I’m not having a buy a new one weekly is brilliant! “he don’t stop growing “😀
    Also the communication with Kidvelo Bikes Uk was Fantastic and all my questions answered.

  • Nick Jeggo
    3 weeks ago

    A Revelation!
    I work as a cycle instructor delivering Bikeability, Learn to Ride and led rides in the Town Park. I'm also the British Cycling Go-Ride lead at my cycling club. The club has been using a Rookie 12 to help keep younger siblings happy while brothers and sisters attend our sessions.
    The bike has been amazing, a revelation in fact. First of all, it's incredibly light, something that everyone comments upon. In fact, when the bike arrived we wondered if the box was empty!
    The steering has proper bearings, as do the hubs, so everything runs really freely. The MTB type handlebar stem is adjustable and the handlebars are shaped so that the reach can be tailored to the rider. The tyres are proper 12" pneumatic with Schrader (car type) valves and the relatively smooth tread pattern means there's the perfect combination of low rolling resistance and grip. There's a choice of 4 colours, but we have the bright green. You certainly can't miss it!
    I've come across lots of balance bikes, but this one stands way above anything else I've seen. You may find some of the features on other bikes, but the rookie 12 has them all in a brilliantly designed combination.
    Buy quality, your kids will thank you for it!

  • SheLovesBarney
    2 week ago

    I bought a Kidvelo Rookie 12 for my cousin. It’s incredibly light and the quality is fantastic. Delivery was free and the bike arrived the next day. Well packaged and easy to assemble. I totally recommend this bike for kids just starting out.

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