All components of a Kidvelo Bike such as headset, brakes and reach can be adjusted

Making Adjustments to a Kidvelo Bike

Did you know that most components of a Kidvelo Bike can be adjusted to fit your child’s exact requirements?

Kidvelo Bikes can be easily adjusted and fine-tuned to ensure a comfortable ride for every rider, normally using the tools already in found in your bike box. In addition to our assembly guides with these instructions, you will soon have your child’s bike dialled in to give the perfect riding experience.

This includes the headset to ensure smooth turning actions, the handlebar height and reach, brake lever reach, and the tension on the brake lever to make it easier to pull.

Whilst the bikes are set up when we manufacture them if you wish to tinker and perfect set-up, this guide will help. If you need any further advice, just let us know.

We recommend regular Maintenance which is simple and easy to do.

How to Adjust the Brake Lever Tension and how to Centre the Brakes.

  1. Unscrew Screw 1 on both sides (anti-clockwise) until there is no tension on them. Don’t completely remove the screws, though. Try the brake lever, and it should now be easier to pull.
  2. After this step, you may need to loosen bolt 2, and then re-adjust the brakes as normal
  3. If after the above procedure, one brake block rubs the wheel rim when rotating, screw in clockwise highlighted 1 on the side it rubs, just enough until the brake blocks are centered. Leave the other side as is
How to adjust the brake reach

How to adjust the Brake Lever Reach

This particularly benefits children with smaller hands, has it will allow the child to use greater pressure as the lever is closer to the knuckles.

  1. Using the screw marked by the arrow, turn clockwise to bring the brake lever closer to the handlebar grip. This needs to be done using a T8 torque screwdriver tool or a size 3 allen key (not included). Be careful to use the correct size tool. If you are unsure, a local cycle shop can easily do this for you.
  2. Completing the above will probably require the brake cable to be slacked off slightly on the brake callipers, as in effect you are riding around with the brakes slightly on
How to adjust the headset

How to Adjust the Headset

If you find the bike handlebars slightly stiff or clunky to turn, then you can fine-tune this.

  1. Loosen (just a couple of turns) the 2 x bolts highlighted with green circles using the allen key (enclosed)
  2. Turn the bolt marked with a red arrow (allen key enclosed) anti-clockwise, just a few millimetres. Do not loosen this too much!
  3. Ensuring the steering is straight, then re-tighten the 2 x bolts highlighted green
  4. If the steering is still too tight, repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 above, until the steering is smooth. Go slowly and adjust a little at a time.

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