Balance Bikes

Starting your child on a balance bike will make learning to ride a bike really easy! Your child learns the skill of balancing safely on two wheels using just their feet for propulsion. As they are in control, they feel safe and confidence grows!

  • Green Kidvelo Rookie 12 Rookie 12 Green
    1 - 5 year olds
    2.89 Kg

    A perfect bike for toddlers aged 1 – 4.5 years. The Rookie 12 inch is our smallest bike, with a very low seat height and the lightest of all comparable top-quality brands. The Rookie 12 will set your young rider up for a journey of adventure, freedom and fun!

  • Rookie 14 Balance Mode Rookie 14 Pedal Bike
    3 - 6 year olds
    4.7 Kg
    Balance or Pedals

    Rookie 14 inch starts your child off in balance mode then converts to a pedal bike when the child is ready!  Simply bolt on the included pedal kit and convert it to a lightweight pedal bike. Designed by us to work effortlessly in either mode.

  • Rookie 18 Blue Balance Mode Rookie 18 Pedal Mode
    4 - 8 year olds
    5.5 Kg
    Balance or Pedals

    Rookie 18  is our largest balance bike, ideal for 5-year-old beginners or kids facing additional challenges that are just starting out on their cycling adventures! Includes the pedal kit that will convert it to an 18″ lightweight pedal bike.

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