Our spare parts will keep your Kidvelo bike in tip-top order.

Whether it’s replacing a worn-out tyre, or changing parts to pass the bike onto a younger sibling.

We have you covered!

Due to an increase in purchases by customers for different bike brands, we now show some parts as out of stock, so that we can assist Kidvelo Customers only. Please email us with your wishlist, as we carry every component for all our bikes.

  • Both Schrader & Presta Valves
    Easy to Use
    Keep Tyres at Correct Inflation

    Bicycle Pump: Fits All Kidvelo Bike Tyres.

    Fits straight onto Schrader and Presta Valves, with no fiddling

  • Rookie 12 Grip Tape balance bike footrest griptape
    Replacement Grip Tape for the Rookie 12
    Easy to Fit
    Refresh your bike for the next rider

    Replacement Footrest Balance Bike Grip Tape

    • Fits the Rookie 12
    • 1 x tape for left & 1 x tape for right
    • Peel back self adhesive

    Ensure the worn out grip tape is completely removed first and the area is clean and dry

  • rookie 12 handlebars with grips handlebars with grips
    Replacement Bars w Grips for Rookie 12
    Easy to Fit
    Refresh your bike for the next rider

    Replacement Alloy Riser Handlebar with Grips

    • Fits the Rookie 12
    • Handlebar width 420mm, Diameter 22.2mm
    • Includes black grips

    Note: bell and stem bracket not included

  • Child sized grips
    Replacement Grips
    Easy to Fit
    Replace Worn Grips

    Kidvelo replacement handlebar grips x 2

    • Fits the Rookie 12, Rookie 14 or Rookie 18
    • Soft durable and kids’ sized
    • Fits handlebar diameter 22.2mm
    • Black only
  • Rookie 12 Complete Wheel Rookie 12 Complete Wheel & Tyre
    Rookie 12 Spare Alloy Wheel
    Easy to Fit
    Refresh your bike for the next rider

    Replacement Alloy Wheel, Tyre & inner tube for the Kidvelo Rookie 12 | Rookie 14 | Rookie 18

    • 12″ | 14″ | 18″ Black Alloy Rim, Hubs & Spokes with Tyre and Inner Tube
    • Sealed bearings help keep the dirt out and the lubricant in
    • Fits either front or rear (does not include fitting bolts)
  • Rookie 12 Axle Bolts Rookie 12 Axle Bolts & Washers
    Fit Rookie 12 Wheel
    Easy to Fit
    Refresh your bike for the next rider

    Replacement Axle bolts to fit the Kidvelo Rookie 12″ Alloy Wheels (ONLY). Comprises two bolts and two washers.

  • Rookie 12 Innertube Awaiting Image Placeholder
    Inner Tube for Kidvelo Rookies
    Easy to Fit
    Get Rolling again

    Kidvelo Rookie Inner Tubes


    Replacement Inner Tubes. Please choose the size required.

  • Rookie 12 Quick Release Clamp Closed Rookie 12 quick release clamp open
    Fits Rookie 12
    Easy to Fit
    Replacement Quick Release Clamps

    Kidvelo Seat-Post Quick Release Clamp

    Designed to fit the Rookie 12

    • Alloy construction
    • Black only
    • Allows quick & easy no tools adjustment
    • Clamp diameter (22.2mm)
  • Rookie Replacement Seat and Post Rookie 12 Seat and Post Rear View
    Seat post and saddle for Rookie 12
    Easy to Fit
    Refresh your bike for the next rider

    Replacement Kidvelo padded saddle (including) seat post designed for use on Kidvelo Bikes Only.

    Choose the bike model required: Rookie 12 or Rookie 14 or Rookie 18

    Comfy child-specific seat that caters for kids’ narrow hip spacing

    • Seatpost Length (212 mm)
    • Seatpost Diameter (25.2mm)
    • Scale marking on rear
  • Rookie 12 Tyre Rookie 12 Compass Tyre
    Rookie Spare Tyres
    Easy to Fit
    Replacement Tyre

    Kidvelo Rookie Spare Tyres


    Replacement Rookie Tyres

    • Compass Tyre to Fit Rookie 12 or Rookie 14 or Rookie 18 (Choose size required)
    • Maximum Inflation 40 PSI
    • Be sure to follow the rotational arrow when installing

    A fast rolling lightweight tyre that provides excellent grip for riding both on and off road

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