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Rookie 12 Balance Bike

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In Stock. Kidvelo Rookie 12 Balance Bike.

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Wheel Size
12 inches
Approx. Age Range
18 months to 4 years
Seat Height Range
30cm - 44cm
Learn without Stabilisers
Teach Balance First
Free Shipping
Checked and Tuned
Kidvelo Quality assured
Easy Assembly
Includes tools & easy Instructions
Built tough, just like kids

The Kidvelo Rookie 12 balance bike gives your little one years of great riding, from 18 months old with a 30cm low seat height.

Designed for kids! Built for Adventure!

The Rookie 12 we designed, from scratch, to be fun and easy to ride. Firstly, children will engage with vibrant colours. Then we stripped off anything unnecessary as young children like simplicity. They have such low boredom thresholds, so it needs to be simple to be fun and engage them. By learning to balance first, the process of learning to ride a bike can be achieved quickly and safely.

Removing pedals and brakes stops toddlers from having to learn three new skills at once, ( such as steering, pedaling, and braking). Designed from the ground upwards with our signature of a low center of gravity. Our aluminium spec balance bikes are robust, good quality, and fit all children up to 4.5 years.

12″ Balance Bikes that are superlight, with all-terrain pneumatic tyres and the correct fit for young children.

Kidvelo’s philosophy is to manufacture the lightest range of kids’ bikes. These are top-quality bikes and are only available from this website. As we don’t have to build in margins for dealers, we can keep costs down and pass them on directly to our customers. Years of teaching kids to ride bikes taught us that less weight in a bike makes for a better rider. This shines through in the 2.93 kg bike and the quality of all the components. All parts are top-quality aluminium for strength and to drop weight.

The Rookie 12″ has air tyres on alloy rims, for good reason. These offer a much better grip and a more comfortable ride. Cheaper/ lighter brands will go for plastic wheels, as they are cheap to manufacture but also wear very quickly, offer little grip, and are bumpy to ride.

Our saddle has been designed to fit the narrow hip spacing of young children. Padded and comfortable to ride.

A 12 Balance Bike will teach toddlers to ride a bike – intuitively.

The best part is toddlers will learn balance without even trying. Children treat a balance bike as a toy and want to play. Toddlers figure out balance all on their own, whilst playing and having fun. As confidence grows, kids start using the integrated footrest, for feet up coasting, and tuning in their balancing skills. Even the footrest we spent an age analysing riders positioning and have deemed that the angle of ours is perfect!

Speeding up the transition to a pedal bike by learning balance first is far easier. Much better than trying to learn 3 new skills at once. Especially if you are just 2 years old. Master the Rookie 12″  then they will easily make the transition to a pedal bike. We would always suggest wearing a helmet from day 1 outside.




Don’t just take our word for it! This bike has recently been reviewed by Cyclesprog

“From the strong style and paint job through to the attention to detail, I’m a big fan of the Rookie 12. The proof will be in the riding, but I’m quietly confident that this bike will be a winner with our testers. The lightweight frame and modern, confidence-inspiring geometry should make for a fun ride and allow for small riders to progress and experiment with their cycling. With its competitive price, warranty, quality, and availability, I think Kidvelo is onto a winner.”

Kidvelo Rookie 12 – First Look

18 months to 4.5 years. Some 5 years olds will fit.
Loading Limit:
30 kgs - one of the few bikes to carry this weight!
Childs Inseam:
31 - 48cm
Bike Weight:
Min. Seat Height:
Max. Seat Height:
Super-light; Strong 6061 heat-treated aluminum alloy. Double paint and lacquer finish
Aluminum alloy blades with Chromoly steerer tube - 30mm rake
Aluminum - 420mm wide x 45mm rise - 22.2mm
Child sized Kraton rubber with end protectors
Comfy small kid saddle, designed to fit narrow hip spacing of toddlers.
1 1/8" threadless with 60mm Alloy Stem, Smooth turning action
12" HJC Alloy
Joytech Alloy. Fast free wheeling motion
Sealed Assess
Seat Clamp:
Aluminum alloy with quick release adjustment. Strong purpose built clamps.
Wanda Compass Lite BMX 12.5 x 2.1/4 Lite tyres provide awesome grip
Max. Inflation:
EN71, CE
We don't just brag that our products have performance and quality built to last - we proved it with a full 5-year warranty.
Kidvelo Frames are protected by registered Industrial designs along with the trade names that are trademark protected.

Scale weighing bike at 2.93kg
Ultra Lightweight 2.93 kg
Lightest bike with alloy rims available.
Wheel showing smooth axle bolts and wheel nuts
Rounded Axle Wheel Bolts
No scraped legs!
6061 All Alloy Construction, with lead free paint and lacquer finish
Really tough, won't rust yet super-light
Bike handlebars on Rookie 12
Soft Little grips, fit little hands
Better Control!
Integrated non-slip Footrest
Perfect angle for feet up coasting.
Low center of gravity
Our design aids the balancing process
Alloy rims with no valve caps
Alloy forks, alloy rims and valve caps removed.
No choking hazards and passes certification from 1 year old
Rookie 12 with Adjustable Seat Height
Quick Adjustable Seat Height
Fully adjustable at any increment,
Rookie 12 Neon Blue
Threadless headset with alloy stem.
Smooth turning, high spec
Adjustable seat post on the Rookie 12 Balance Bike
Seat post with measurement scale
Accurately raise seat for the perfect fit
Seat of the Kidvelo Bike
Toddler sized saddle
Accomodates the narrow hip spacing of young children with no strain
Showing narrow slim design
Unobtrusive design
Perfect striding position without catching legs.

Kid Specific Geometry
Tyre size
Handlebar height
Steering angle
Top tube horizontal
Seat tube angle
Handlebar adjustability
Minimum saddle height
Maximum saddle height
Bike weight

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