Rookie 12 Balance Bike

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The Rookie 12 inch is the perfect bike for beginners aged between 18 months and 4 years. The Rookie with 12″ wheels is our smallest bike, with a very low seat height and the lightest of all comparable top-quality brands at just 2.89 Kg. The best starting point to set your young rider up for a journey of adventure, freedom and fun!

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Benefits of Rookie 12 Balance Bike

Age Range

18 months - 4.5 year olds

Bike weight

2.89 Kg



Adjustable Seat height

30 - 48cm inseam

Easy Assembly

Allen keys supplied

Wheel size

12” Alloy


For the Rookie 12 Balance Bike
Who is it for?

Age Group: 18 months to 4.5 years. Some 5 years olds will fit depending on the inseam measurement.

Loading limit: 30 kgs – one of the few bikes to carry this weight!


Wheels: 12-inch Alloy Rims – with Joytech alloy hubs and sealed bearings. Keeps things spinning nicely. Valve caps are removed as deemed a choking hazard.

Seat Height: adjusts to fit a 30 – 48cm inseam using alloy quick-release clamps

Adjustable Reach Handlebars: The alloy riser bars allow reach to be adjusted to fit your child. 25mm Spacer allows for height adjustment

Headset: 1 1/8″ threadless with 60mm Alloy Stem. Smooth turning action at every stride

Seat: Comfy padded small child saddle, designed to fit the narrow hip spacing of children. Useful as a carrying handle too!

Wheelbase: 605mm. Longer than the average balance bike to give more room for a growing child.

What is it made from?

Super-light Aluminium Frame: Strong 6061 heat-treated aluminium alloy. Double paint and lacquer finish

Fork: Aluminum alloy blades with Chromoly steerer tube – 30mm rake

Grips: Child-sized Kraton grip rubber with end protectors

Tyres: Wanda Compass Lite BMX 12.5 x 2.1/4 tyres. Perfect for riding over any terrain including grass and dirt.

Spokes: Stainless Steel – Black

Integrated Footrest: For feet up coasting with grip tape. At a slight angle and in the perfect position to mimic where pedals will be on their next bike.

Child riding a Rookie 12

Rookie 12

Exclusively designed by us to give young children the best start on their cycling adventures!

  • Easy Assembly – Ready to go in minutes
  • Highly Adjustable – Seat and handlebars can be dialled in to fit
  • A featherweight at 2.89 Kg – lightest of all comparable quality brands
  • Guaranteed – Lifetime Warranty on Frames and Forks. This is one tough little bike!

Learning balance first is your child’s key to riding success!


The Rookie 12 is astonishingly light at just 2.9 Kg so toddlers and little riders can handle it completely independently.

Rookie 12 is also lighter on your pocket, as our bikes come straight from us to you, which helps keep costs down. We are so confident in our quality; we will give you a Lifetime Warranty.

Grows with your child as handlebars and saddle height can be easily adjusted to fit your child as they grow.

Also, our low step-over frame makes it easier to get on and off, so kids feel confident. Finally, the wheelbase length was stretched out to lower the centre of gravity to help the child maintain balance. Doing so also gives your child more room in the “cockpit” as they grow. Read the review on Cyclesprog as to why Kidvelo Rookie 12 is such a great bike for toddlers

12″ Wheels with Air-Filled Tyres on Alloy Rims offer a more comfortable ride.

Some brands will use plastic/ foam/rubber tyres as they are lighter and cheaper to manufacture, but they wear out quickly, offer little grip and are bumpy to ride. Equally, we don’t use smaller wheels, as although it allows for a lower seat position, it does not offer good performance for the child as the rider grows taller. Are they going racing? The Rookie 12 is super fast for the racers amongst you!

Kids stop the bike using their feet.

When wishing to stop, the kids instinctively just put their feet down. This method is safer for little ones as they find front brake levers hard to pull and challenging to control, and we have seen them take their hands off the grips to reach them, which can be dangerous.

The Integrated Footrest is built into the frame to rest feet. – As confidence grows, kids start using the footrest for feet up, coasting and tuning in their skills. You will find our footrest at a slight angle, rather than horizontal, and slightly further forward than most. Putting it under the seat offers a more natural position and mimics where the pedals would be.

Our experience has taught us children do better without steering limiters as they learn to steer independently. Steering limiters are typically used to prevent the bike handlebars from spinning 360 Degrees and damaging brake cables. As this bike doesn’t have brake cables, they aren’t required. However, by understanding the turning circle for themselves, little ones learn to steer much quicker.

Passes EN71.1.2.3 and Available in Colours; Green, Red, Blue or Pink. If you need replacement parts we stock a complete range of spares

Rookie 12 Inch Balance Bike Geometry Infographic

Additional information


Green, Blue, Red, Pink

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    All Colours in stock for immediate delivery.


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