Rookie 14 Balance Bike


Rookie 14 inch is a bigger balance bike to which you can add pedals! Starts your child off on 14″ wheels with no pedals fitted, so they learn the fundamental skills needed, such as using brakes and fine-tuning balance. Ideal for kids that have outgrown their first bike or for taller beginners.  Once showing signs they are ready to start pedalling, then parents can install the included pedal kit and convert into a pedal bike.

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Benefits of Rookie 14 Balance Bike

Age Range

3 - 6 years old

Bike weight

4.7 Kg as a balance bike.
6.2 Kg as a pedal bike


Beginner or ready to add pedals

Adjustable Seat height

40 - 59 cm inseam

Easy Assembly

Allen keys supplied

Wheel size

14” Alloy Free Wheel


For the Rookie 14 Balance Bike
Who is it for?

Age Group: 3 – 6 years. Start off without pedals – then bolt on the included Easy-Fit Pedal Kit. Perfect for novices or those needing to get used to a bigger balance bike with brakes before transitioning to a pedal bike that can be ridden for several years. Children crave familiarity, and we often hear that children don’t want to give up their balance bike. This way, they don’t have to!




Wheels: 14-inch Alloy Rims – with Joytech alloy hubs and sealed bearings. Quality wheels that are strong with performance axles that keep things spinning nicely. Kidvelo Bikes are fitted with a free wheel (meaning the bike will still move forwards, even if the pedaller stops for a rest).

Seat Height: adjusts to fit a 40 – 59 cm inseam (to offer the perfect fit with a bend in the knee).  The stand-over height is 36cm. Kidvelo offers more seat height adjustability than any other bike.

Headset: 1 1/8″ threadless with 50mm Alloy Stem. Smooth-turning action at every stride. No plastic headsets!

Seat: Comfy padded child saddle designed to cater to young children’s narrower hip spacing. Height adjusted by using an Allen key. Unfortunately, we can’t spec with a quick release clamp under the safety specification for young kids’ pedal bikes ISO8098:2014).

Wheelbase: 705mm. We stretch our wheelbase as it gives a more stable ride and more room for a growing child.

In balance mode weight: 4.7 kg – removable footrest. It’s one of the lightest around. The footrest is easy to put on and take off, offering you complete flexibility. Slimline to not catch ankles, and wide enough to place feet.

In pedal mode weight: 6.2 kg Kidvelo are in the featherweight class of quality kids’ first pedal bikes! This is so important as if the bike is too heavy, your child just won’t want to ride it!

Brakes: Front and Rear Aluminium V-brakes with short-reach levers that can be adjusted for short fingers. Brake tension is also fully adjustable to make them easier to pull. We use calliper brake systems that are familiar.

Integral Brake Cables: Our cables are routed through the frame, to ensure they don’t get damaged if your child takes a spill.

What is it made from?

Super-light Aluminium: Strong 6061 heat-treated aluminium alloy. Double-painted with a lacquer finish. Hard to scratch and no rust, ever!

Fork: Aluminum alloy blades with Chromoly steerer tube – 30mm rake.

Grips: Child-sized Kraton grip rubber with end protectors.

Tyres: Innova Compass Lite BMX 14″ x 2.0 Lite tyres provide awesome grip and roll effortlessly.

Spokes: Black – Stainless Steel. Strong enough to withstand the rigours of any ride.

Integrated Footrest: Removable and interchangeable with the pedal kit

Cranks: 89mm cranks are the optimum length for performance, allowing children to corner easily. The child can’t effortlessly build momentum if crank arms are too short. Too long, and they will impact the ground when turning the bike.  We went through several prototypes and countless test riders, to get this perfect.

Safety: Passes EN71.1.2.3 as a balance bike and ISO8098:2014 as a pedal bike – the gold standard. Many bike brands do not attempt this standard. At Kidvelo we exceed safety standards.

No Pedals

Rookie 14 weighs just 4.7 Kg, lighter than many more expensive bikes of a similar size. Ideal for kids just starting their cycling journey or those looking ready to move to pedals all wrapped up in a very clever convertible design.

You can start with no pedals, crank or chain fitted; to perfect balance, get familiar with brakes and learn to control a 14″ bike. A child is ready to have the included pedal-kit fitted when they can keep their feet up for prolonged periods and confidently balance with no wobbles.

With Pedals

The included pedal kit transforms the bike into an ergonomic pedal bike.

Fitting the pedal kit is quickly done using the Allen keys provided. The Rookie 14″ weighs only 6.2 kg in pedal bike mode, making it one of the lightest 14″ pedal bikes available.

Since it retains the same geometry and handling between modes of operation, the child’s learning lag is virtually non-existent.

Making the transition to pedals all in one purchase at a more affordable price.


How this process helps your child learn to ride

Stepping up to your first pedal bike introduces many new skills at once; Braking, Pedaling, Steering, Speed control, and fine-tuning balance, all at the same time. Children need time to adjust to bigger and heavier bikes but throw too much at them at once, and they become hesitant. Breaking this down into small learning steps makes the whole process far more manageable and much more fun, resulting in a child who can now confidently ride.

Assembly of our bikes is straightforward. Each bike has a detailed instruction manual, or better still, watch the videos.

The Rookie 14 is the ideal solution for teaching your child to ride a bike, that then offers a few years of fun!

You will need a pump fitted with a Schrader valve to pump up tyres

Rookie 14 Inch Balance Bike geometry Infographic



Additional information


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