Special Needs Bikes

Special Needs Bikes

Special Needs Bikes

Bikes For Kids of All Abilities

Too often, people with cognitive or developmental disabilities have been unable to experience the joys of cycling due to a lack of affordable adaptive bikes.  I have witnessed kids with additional challenges such as Autism, Dyspraxia, Downs Syndrome, being told by doctors and other health care providers that they would never be able to ride a bike. Kidvelo, we set out to challenge this and provide a solution with our easy-to-use balance bike collection and our proven learning method

For several years now, parents of children with conditions that mean they have poor balance, have benefited from using a balance bike first. Suddenly, a child that had previously been sitting inside while the other children rode their bikes is now riding right alongside them, grinning from ear to ear.

However, older beginners have no options to improve their balance skills safely and gain confidence as bikes simply aren’t suitable or available.

This is when the Rookie 14 and 18 Bikes can help!

Kidvelo’s range of durable, lightweight bikes develops the skill of balance first, providing a means for inclusive social interaction and play while developing and learning new skills. Then you can simply bolt on pedals to try pedalling! If your child needs to take a step back, simply remove them again.

Kids of all abilities can experience riding our bikes. Adaptive bikes are specifically designed for SEN people with physical and developmental disabilities. They offer an enhanced sense of freedom and mobility to those with Autism, Dyspraxia, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and more. The problem for children is that an adapted bike can highlight their struggles rather than letting them have fun alongside everyone else and they tend to be very expensive. Bikes without pedals that are walked along with feet strengthen limbs, improve coordination, and teach balance, improving mobility in an accessible way. Still, these bikes are typically only available for very young children.

A study on how cycling helps children with Autism may be of interest.

If traditional pedalling is difficult, we have designed bikes without pedals for older children to learn balance, control, and steering for up to eight years. These clever bikes can also be used as a pedal bike as and when your child is showing the signs they can give pedalling a go! We believe all kids can have a go at learning to ride a bike.


Special Needs Bikes

Kidvelo Rookie 14

When working with a child that has additional challenges, flexibility is the key. So imagine a bicycle that you can use to improve balance, strength and coordination and that is super light to help children with low muscle tone but allows development through becoming a rider. The 2-in-1 bike, available in two sizes from Kidvelo is perfect.

If the child is showing signs that they could transition to pedals, then you can easily add them onto the same bike and try!

A larger 18″ version is available for older children


It takes less than 5 minutes to put the pedals on or off!




More than Just a Bike!

Our Lightweight bikes are also proving to be FUN tools for Physio Therapists and teachers alike! What used to be tedious exercise has turned into a game of riding a bike! Several Occupational and Physiotherapy therapists have told us they are skipping the special needs equipment and are using our bikes instead. Children aren’t even aware they are still performing an essential range of motion, flexibility, strengthening, endurance, balance, and many other body mechanic skills by simply riding a balance bike!

What success looked like for a neurodivergent child

It’s Never Too Late To Start To Learn How To Ride a Bike

At Kidvelo, we want all children to have an opportunity to experience life on two wheels. Our range of lightweight bikes is the perfect blend of safety, performance, and FUN, without the weight and complications of pedals. A balance bike promotes a natural, safe method of learning to ride without training wheels or stabilisers.

Get advice!

Karen, one of Kidvelo’s co-founders, is a former product manager for a medical devices company. In her experience of working alongside Occupational Therapists, children’s disability teams and health professionals, she often witnessed children being told they would never be able to ride a bike – Hence we make bikes for these kids! Please use our contact form to get in touch if you need any help.

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