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The two family businesses in the UK and Australia brought their experience together to manufacture bicycles to help little ones ride sooner, better, and safer. Our years of first-hand experience in teaching children to ride using balance bikes allowed us to go back to the drawing board and design our own range, that will perform on any terrain and always fit correctly through years of growth spurts.

Organising Balance Bike Racing events for years, our time trackside watching kids ride and talking with parents taught us what the kids needed.

Regardless of whether your child is just starting out on their first wheels, or is a balance bike racer and needs a performing speed machine, we have manufactured a range that will have you covered!

Our mission is to deliver the best quality at affordable pricing!

Kidvelo Prototype getting tested by a family

Kid specific geometry

The Perfect fit gets your little one riding sooner, better and safer.

Kids don’t just need smaller bikes; they need different bikes with all the right proportions. Tiny hands need smaller grips and a low centre of gravity to aid balance. Top-quality components with the correct geometry.

It is the little things that make the difference! A stretched wheelbase lowers the centre of gravity and gives more room as the child grows. Riser handlebars that are adjustable on reach, give the perfect fit for every child which allows them to look up and forwards when riding and not down at the ground.  All-terrain tyres so they can ride with comfort literally anywhere.

Keeping things light so easy to manoeuvre but not cheating by skimping on quality with plastic headsets or cheap foam tyres.

Child on Rookie 12 riding on a wall

Built kid tough

Kids are tough. And they aren’t easy on their bikes.

So Kidvelo bikes are built to stand up to the job! From the durable, enclosed, reinforced dropouts, to the ultra-rigid aluminium frame and forks. Kidvelo’s bike frames feature the types of robust design details found on BMX race bikes and high-performance mountain bikes.

6061 Aluminium Frame and Forks are super strong yet very light. Powder-coated paint and lacquered to prevent scratches. Bottom brackets are designed to keep the mud and muck out.

Robust Kidvelo Bike

Kids sized components

Every component was carefully selected to provide the best riding experience for kids and excellent value.

The Rookie 12 balance bike has no brakes as little ones only need to focus on balance. Your child will learn to stop instinctively with their feet. We do include a proper headset, adjustable handlebar stems, and even a bell so they can be heard; just a few of the features we carefully considered. For older kids, we fit calliper brakes as they can understand how they work and have stronger fingers to use handlebar levers correctly.

Super soft small grips, footrest in the perfect position, and lightweight bars with silky smooth maintenance-free headset bearings are just part of our DNA.

Whatever age child you need a bike for, providing their inseam fits, we have taken care of everything else

alloy rims with air filled tyres

Alloy rims, pneumatic tyres, smooth axle bolts and a slimline frame

No scrapes and bruises here.

Kidvelo Alloy Rims feature air-filled tyres. Great grip, comfortable to ride with easy access to the valves for inflation.

The Rookie range of balance bikes have rounded axle bolts ( the allen key is in the box). Ordinarily axle nuts jut out from the axles. Our bolts don’t! It’s one less place for kids to scrape themselves.

We remove valve caps as they are considered a choking hazard for young children.

Footrests are carefully considered. Integrated on the Rookie 12 and removable on the convertible Rookie 14/18 bikes.

Childs bicycle saddle

Quick-adjust seat height to keep up with growth spurts

Kidvelo Rookie 12 bikes feature quick-adjust seat post clamps.

The Seat height can be adjusted quickly, easily, and without tools. So when kids are ready for a higher seat, you can accommodate them in seconds. The lever is specially designed to wrap tightly around the seat tube and stay out of the way of young pedalling legs.

Please note: Rookie 14 & 18 models have allen key seat clamps (This is to comply with ISO8098: 2014)


Third-party testing and approved

Your child’s safety and happiness are paramount to us.

All substrates and surface coatings on Kidvelo bikes are tested for lead and all composites are tested for phthalates. An independent accredited third-party laboratory performs all testing. CE and UKCA marked. EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3 passed. The Rookie 14/18 passes ISO 8098:2014, which means they are safe to ride in pedal mode and not just sold as a bike that you add pedals to, but as a complete unit that is safe with pedals on or off!

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