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  • Kid Velo Rookie 12 Colours

    What makes a Kidvelo bike different?

Kidvelo Bikes is a new brand in the kids’ bike industry manufacturing the next generation of premium balance bikes for kids aged 18 months upwards. With a ton of smart features and designs to help little ones ride sooner, better, and safer.

Launched in October 2021, we may be a new brand but the people behind Kidvelo are balance bike experts. Two small family businesses in Australia and the UK used their 10 years of knowledge in Specialist retailing and distribution of balance bikes into designing quality bikes that are exactly what the kids need.

Both companies have first-hand experience of teaching children to ride using a balance bike. In the UK, Karen Wood set up the first Balance Bike Championships, hosted countless fun riding experiences including the first-ever Balance Bike downhill in conjunction with the British MB Downhill Series and even raced kids over the finish of the Tour Of Britain.

Being trackside and talking with parents of balance bike riders, meant we took on board parents’ requirements and saw what the kids needed and turned them into Kidvelo Bikes.

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Two children on Pink and blue balance bikes


The Perfect fit gets your little one riding sooner, better, safer.

Kids don’t just need smaller bikes. They need different bikes. With all the right proportions. Little hands need smaller grips. A low centre of gravity aids balance. Top-quality components; we don’t skimp with plastic bushings. All Kidvelo bikes are designed for kids, from the ground up.


Rookie 12 In red green blue and pink

Designed for the kids.

A Game-Changing Balance Bike designed around the child, not off the shelf.

Whilst ultimate gray or soft teal might be colours adults prefer, a toddler needs to identify with strong colours they recognise and can pronounce. Kidvelo bikes are made in neon pink, blue, green or red to appeal to the rider, our toddlers. Our Rookie bikes use water-transfer decals with a clear coat finish, giving the whole bike a polished shine.

A low step-over height and our low center of gravity design make us different. Sure we use top-quality components and only build aluminium light bikes, but every bike has been extensively tested by children for over a year before we went into mass production. A longer wheelbase will suit speedy riders and make it a dream to ride.

We get kids grow quickly, so made the bikes as adjustable as possible. We also deliver directly to our customers, keeping overheads down. We reflect that in the price we sell that to you.

Dad and two sons having fun with a bike and ball


At Kidvelo we believe that a lighter-weight bike is a safer bike.

A lighter-weight bike is easier to control. And when spills happen, with a lighter-weight bike there is less mass involved in the spill. We think that’s a good thing. All Kidvelo frames and rigid forks are made of lightweight heat-treated 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium alloy.

The Rookie 12″ balance bike is the lightest of all comparable balance bikes that come with alloy rims and pneumatic tyres. At 2.93 kg, we believe it to be the lightest available.


Red light weight balance bike


Kids are tough. And they aren’t easy on their bikes.

So Kidvelo bikes are built to be tough. From the durable, enclosed, reinforced dropouts, to the ultra-rigid aluminium frame and forks. Kidvelo’s bike frames feature the types of robust design details found on BMX race bikes and high-performance mountain bikes.

6061 Aluminium Frame and Forks are super strong yet very light. Powder-coated paint and lacquered to prevent scratches. Bottom brackets designed to keep the mud and muck out.

Kid Specific Components


Every component was carefully selected to provide the best riding experience for kids and excellent value.

The Rookie 12 balance bike has no brakes as little ones only need to focus on balance at 2-years -old. Your child will learn to stop instinctively with their feet. We do include a proper headset, adjustable handlebar stems, even a bell so they can be heard; just a few of the features carefully considered.

Super soft small grips, footrest in the perfect position, lightweight bars with silky smooth maintenance-free headset bearings are just part of our DNA.

Alloy rims with no valve caps


No scrapes and bruises here.

Alloy 12″ Rims feature Compass tyres. Great grip, comfortable to ride with easy access to the valves for inflation.

The Rookie range of balance bikes features rounded axle bolts. Ordinarily axle nuts have harsh sharp edges that jut out from the axles. These bolts don’t. It’s one less place for kids to scrape themselves.

We remove valve caps as they are considered a choking hazard for young children.

Balance bike with integrated footrest


Footrests allow for gliding and tricks in balance bike mode.

All Kidvelo bikes feature integrated footrests into the balance bike frame to allow for advanced riding as your child progresses on their riding journey. We believe having integrated footrests designed into the frame of our bikes is a key feature as it teaches kids to place their feet on a platform when gliding down a hill and preparing them for riding a bike with pedals. This is why our unique Rookie 14 and Rookie 18 Balance bikes with pedals is the perfect learning bike for your child.

Adjustable saddle height Rookie12


All Kidvelo bikes feature quick-adjust seat post clamps.

The Seat height can be adjusted quickly, easily, and without tools. So when kids are ready for a higher seat, you can accommodate them in seconds. The lever is specially designed to wrap tightly around the seat tube and stay out of the way of young pedalling legs.

The Rookie 12 Balance bike has a low seat position of 30cm and raises through to 44cm. Perfect for 1-year-olds but enough adjustability to carry your child through until they are nearly 5.

Rookie 12 European Safety


Your child’s safety and happiness are paramount to us.

All substrates and surface coatings on Kidvelo bikes are tested for lead and all composites are tested for phthalates. All testing is performed by an independent accredited third-party laboratory. CE and UKCA marked. EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3 passed.

Kidvelo Lifetime warranty


All Kidvelo frames and rigid forks are backed by our lifetime warranty. Ride it with confidence and pass it down.

Visit our warranty, and 30-day money-back guarantees.


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